Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did you see that?

'Did you see that? did you SEE that?!?!?'
wouldnt that freak you out when your bf shouted that in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep? Hahahaha..

Life had been really relaxing lately that i even find small things (like above) hilarious. In case you are wondering what I'm up to, as in after graduation/after Ireland, I'm now looking hard for a job to help me sustain my status in the States. Long enough until my OPT expired, until I enroll into grad school: That what I'm up to.

Aside from bumming around, not doing much at all. I watched most of the movies on Netflix already, the entire LOTR trilogy in 2 days too. Read a couple of books, clean my room, went for interviews, on site/ on the phone.. and got rid of some unfavorable old memories as well. Now that I've listed all that was done so far, i would consider myself productive but definitely not impressive.

I guess the best part about my long break so far, is reading the book called 'The Energy Bus'. TF brought it home one evening, I read it and loved it :) It was the right book at the right time; I've received important messages from the author and I felt a lot better about my current situation. I'm sure it has changed my perceptions on many things and probably is preparing me to a more positive future.

Books of sorts, needs to be read often. I can assure you, positivity comes and go a lot in life and it needs to be reminded. Mine went away while I was down, feeling upset with rejections from companies, or feeling incapable.. but was soon reminded by 'the energy bus'. Now, I feel great with the things I do for myself and for the others.

The next book, I wish I'll find shall teach me how to forgive. I hold on to some grudges, I really want to let it go. You can read as many quotes and can understand them all, but when it boils down to action: its a lot more effort than you think. Isn't it right?

We'll see.... :)